BTA Concorde Columbus Fund: Long-term Benefits of Sticking with Core Value Style

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By Tamás Cser and Dániel Móricz, Sub-advising co-Portfolio Managers,   Budapest – Dec 4 2017     Recently, many people have shared with us their concerns about the disappointing YTD performance of the Concorde Columbus Fund. Indeed, despite an adjustment of the fund risk policy in Jan 2010 [1], which resulted in an annualized net return of 9.2% (in HUF), or 5.3% over the … Read More

Fifteen years of CEE Equity Fund


This year, Concorde CEE Equity Fund turned 15 years old. During this time, many better and worse years have passed. It was founded around the middle of the burst of the American dotcom bubble, and after an initial bad period, some better years commenced up to the 2008/2009 stock exchange crash – the most severe of the last decades. After that, private pension funds … Read More

Risks and Fears in 2016


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The State should Stay out of the Economy – Interview with the Wealthiest Man in Central Europe


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Southern Europe Down, Central Europe Up


Central Europe has been developing at a remarkable rate; the area’s economic significance in Europe has grown by five percent over the past eight years,…… Read More

Europe and Japan – the Two Favorites of this Year?


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Virtual Oil – Ethereum Part 3


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WEB 3.0 – Ethereum Part 1


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