What We Believe

North American investors often are prevented access to top-tier overseas investment management firms due to linguistic and regulatory barriers.

What We Do

WE PROVIDE CLIENTS ACCESS TO HIGH QUALITY OFFSHORE MANAGERS THROUGH OUR PROPRIETARY US COMPLIANT MULTI-MANAGER PLATFORM. We have a unique manager origination and institutional-diligence network. Unlike many advisors, we are willing to sponsor our BTA family of US-compliant 3c7 private funds as well as client-specific managed account structures. We are proud of our problem solving skills: Contact us to discuss your challenges or requirements.

Our Advantages

Global and Strategic Active Manager Origination Network. Scalable, Multi-Manager, US Compliant Private Fund Hosting Solution, applicable to a broad range of asset classes and alternative strategies. Operational transparency, best practices, and regulatory compliance. As an institutional allocator or consultant, we simplify your life, by saving you and your clients, Time and therefore Money.