As a U.S. and Cayman Island fund manager, BTA Investment Advisors, LLC’s mission is

a- to sponsor private funds with strategies & exposures previously unavailable in North America, and

b- to advise and implement (open-architecture) hosted/managed solutions for smaller banks, institutions, endowment & foundations, family offices or typically RIA-advised HNWI.

BTA Concorde Series:

Open Ended Private Funds for Accredited Investors

In this series, BTA offers several  Concorde Asset Management (“CAM”) proprietary alternative and (long-only) absolute return strategies , each averaging between $ 200,-$300m AUM in Europe, with proven track records between 5 and 16 years. Because of regulatory differences, CAM’s funds are not investable directly by US and offshore investors.  Instead, under a long-term exclusive strategic agreement, CAM is providing sub-advisory services for several BTA mandates, implemented as 3c7 private fund vehicles domiciled in the Cayman Islands available to both U.S. taxable and U.S. tax exempt or non-U.S. investors through separate feeder funds. Also, all BTA funds are custodied, administered and US-Gaap audited according to U.S. best practices by US service providers. Separate Managed Accounts (SMA) are also available for institutions with multiple underlying beneficiaries.

Current BTA funds include:

– BTA Concorde Pi Alternative Investment Fund – a discretionary global macro-fund. (6+yrs track record) (*)

   Top Ten BarclayHedge Fund Award recipient in March’2017 (actually #6 among 126 Macro Funds).

– BTA Concorde Columbus Global Opportunity Fund- a global, multi-asset, multi-strategy fund with a value-oriented long-biased Central Eastern European (“CEE”) Equity fund (7yrs track record) (*)

   Top Ten BarclayHedge Fund Award recipient in May’2017 (#7 among 70 Multi-Strategy Funds).

– BTA Concorde CEE Equity Long-Only Fund (15+yr track record) to be launched in 2017 (*)


Note: BTA funds are  listed by services like eVestment, Mercer GIMD, BarclayHedge, Prequin, EurekaHedge , HFINOne , Morningstar Hedge, HedgeAct, HedgeCo.Net, HFI (EuroMoney).


       Other  Advisory & Managed Services

U.S. Distribution support

        Custom U.S. advisory or Manager Diligence Mandates .


(*) For more information, please submit your questions by clicking here.