A 50% Increase is Possible. The Question is Where?


Inflation is outpacing the interest paid on bank account deposits, making it hard to “get a return”. Realistic alternatives include: treasuries, real estate and mutual funds. The euro exchange rate could go below 300 HUF for a longer-lasting period. There is, however, an investment in which a 50% increase could be seen. Viktor Zsiday, the portfolio manager for the Citadella Fund, has sat down … Read More

Will Greece Leave the Euro-zone this Autumn?


The London-based Capital Economics, which offers advice to the world’s leading investors, believes that the Greek exit from the euro-zone is inevitable despite the agreements. Leading economist of Capital Economist, Julian Jessop said in the interview he gave to Alapblog: the exit will stabilize Greece, and the situation of both the euro-zone and the European Union. The interviewee regards the slowdown of the Chinese … Read More

You Are the Chicken!


To this day, I watch with a gaping jaw through the window as an aircraft taxies onto the runway, revs up its jets and takes…… Read More

Readings: July 13, 2015


>> Blog/Buttonwood: The Debt Trap (The Economist)   The Developed World has not Found an Answer to its Debt Problem.

Readings: July 11, 2015

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>> Greek Risk Seeps through Currencies to torment Eurozone’s Neighbors (BusinessWorldOnLine)

Greek vs European Market YTD


[Source: Bloomberg]

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