Oct 9 2015 | Flash


#1 – Latest IMF Warning:   In a recent analysis, the IMF identified the Chinese corporate sector as one of the largest global risks, with an estimated 3 trillon USD outstanding liabilities, or 15% of their countries total GDP.  Any internal shock could give rise to a wave of bank loan defaults amouting to 800 bn USD, which would substantially increase the ratio of … Read More

Oct 7 2015 Flash


#1 – IMF :   Latest World Economic Outlook (WEO):   CEE countries Covered by BTA:                                                             IMF Projections in terms of GDP Growth                                                       2014(Actual)              2015(Projected)                2016 (Projected) Austria                                0.4%                          0.8% UP from 0.4%                 1.6% Croatia                               … Read More

Readings: Aug 29 2015


    >> IMF Tech Assistance Report: Hungary – Establishment of Asset Management Company – Aug’2015 1. In November 2014, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank (MNB) established the Magyar Reorganizációs és Követeléskezelő (MARK), an asset management company (AMC). This was done to help restore monetary transmission, credit growth, and economic recovery. MARK is expected to remove the overhang of commercial real estate nonperforming loans (NPLs) … Read More

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