October 12 2015 | Flash


#1 – Polish LNG Terminal Open: Minister of the Treasury Andrzej Czerwiński said on Sunday that a new LNG terminal in Świnoujście will be launched on Monday and the first cargo ship will arrive at the end of November or early December. “The gas which arrives now, will not be burnt … It will be gradually pumped into the distribution system,” Czerwiński was quoted … Read More

China is not the only Problem. It is Poland too


What happened in the last thirteen months is unbelievable: almost one and a half billion dollar capital left the emerging markets. This is the double of what we saw in 2007 and 2008 – as the NN Investment Partners’ leading strategist warns Hungary and other emerging markets. Of course, according to the Dutch investor and portfolio manager, Maarten-Jan Bakkum, the China-Asia-South America problem becoming … Read More

Poland is Different from Hungary, or is it ?


On August 5th 2015, the Polish parliament – with a single last minute amendment – decided that banks would assume not just half, but a full 90% of all currency conversion losses associated with CHF-denominated private loans. Such a legislative package was expected in Poland, but everyone was surprised by the last minute amendment. In the mean time, the new legislation has not passed … Read More

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