Eastern European Inflation Rates – Update.


[ Source: Concorde Asset Management]   In 2014, Romania’s inflation rate floated in a 0.9%-1.8% range through the year. While dipping as low as 0.4% in Feb’15, the Romanian inflation rate estimate came back to 1.3% in May’2015, with a Romanian Central Bank target of 2.5%. A base rate adjustment of -25bps was announced by the RCB on May 6, 2015, raising base interest … Read More

Recession Awaits America – Interview with Marc Faber (Part 1)


Today’s unrealistic bubbles are not created in shares or on the real estate market, or in the pricing of Chinese enterprises, rather the global liquidity itself and the unprecedented money supply is the bubble. The liquidity-bubble is due to the irresponsibility of the central bank leaders – said Marc Faber, one of the most respectable private investors, who was born in Switzerland, but has been … Read More

Ukraine is the not the Victim of Russia but its own


The stronger a state power, the weaker and more susceptible the country they lead. This is what Thomas Grennes, professor of North Carolina State University and guest professor of Stockholm School of Economics, concludes in his research. The reason why Ukraine became a prey of Russia is that in the last two and a half decades, every Ukrainian government insisted on the ideal of … Read More

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